Masters of the Universe Mer-Man Gets Colorfully Shiny for Comic-Con

What kinds of chemicals are they dumping into the Sea of Rakash these days? Eternia’s ocean warlord Mer-Man looks as shiny and colorful as the sheen on a petroleum puddle in this new special variant figure. But there’s no secret pollution storyline here. Mondo Toys dubs this look MOTUbi, inspired by Japanese sofubi designer vinyl toys. Skeletor previously got similar treatment for a Designer Con exclusive. As reported by Slashfilm, this time it’s for Comic-Con@Home. And that metallic finish comes at a price: $250, to be exact, while fans can still buy the regular Masters of the Universe Mer-Man online for $170. More bragging rights on this one, though, as its run will be capped at 250.

Stay tuned to Mondo’s Comic-Con page for more details, starting at 1 p.m. Pacific time, 3 p.m. central, on Wednesday, July 22nd. Mer-Man’s likely to be harder to find than Nemo for anyone who doesn’t get one right away.

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Mondo’s Masters of the Universe figures typically come loaded with accessories. Due to the expensive finish, however, don’t expect lots of alternate hands and weapons with the MOTUbi version.

Will you take a shine to this particular fish-dude? Leave a pearl of wisdom in the comments for us below.

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