Decloaking City Demon Predator 2 Action Figure for ‘Comic-Con’ Exclusive

Just when it seemed NECA couldn’t get any more juice out of the Predator 2 “City Hunter” yautja, they blow minds with a new take. Inspired by the “Jungle Demon” variant from the first film, City Demon features the Predator decloaking. His device may have short circuited just a bit, as it flashes electrical energy in the process. The semi-translucent figure gets the effect enhanced by a package that flashes strobe-lighting.

Though NECA intended the figure to be a Comic-Con exclusive, the lack of a physical Comic-Con this year means it’s coming to Walmart and NECA’s online store instead. Starting July 23rd, keep an eye out — Walmart’s price of $29.96 is $5 cheaper than the NECA store’s, with no shipping fees involved.

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Predator 2 opened in theaters in 1990, and depicted the chaotic then-future cityscape of 1997. Though not as well-received as the original Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, it has grown in stature. By introducing multiple Predators and an Alien xenomorph skull, it expanded the mythology in ways that were mostly picked up by Dark Horse comics. Now, for the 30th anniversary, NECA plans on remaking every onscreen Predator — dubbed the Lost Tribe — in ultimate figural form. This exclusive leads the way.

Will you order this electrifying exclusive? Let us know in comments, and check out a full gallery below.

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