Ninja Turtles Coming out of Their Shells Tour Figures Emerge

In their time as action figures, across three decades, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manifested in almost every variety a fan could think of. They’ve been astronauts, Universal monsters, lifeguards, wild west warriors, the Star Trek crew, and everything in between. And yet…nobody ever previously captured one of their most notable appearances of all time. That being as a live touring rock band. Now, to be fair, a whole lot of kid-centric properties used to do live arena tours, from He-Man to the Power Rangers. And they seldom created tour-specific sculpts for action figures. Kids, after all, tend to prefer their heroes to come with weapons than musical instruments. But now those ’90s fans who saw the live show as children are all grown up, and NECA has an exclusive figure set just for them.

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Perhaps for legal reasons, the set doesn’t use the “Coming out of Their Shells Tour” title, and the punny song setlist on the back of the box isn’t the actual one from 1990. The absence of Splinter’s camp classic “Skipping Stones” number gives it away. Instead, it’s called the Musical Mutagen Tour, and includes a cut-out Raphael mask. One that no adult collector is every likely to damage the box to make.

Packed in a box that looks like a band equipment case, the package opens out to create a stage diorama. The figures use the base bodies of NECA’s movie-inspired Turtles, with all-new terrifying costume heads sporting movable jaws. Instruments, throwing stars, and a pizza come included. (Pizza Hut originally sponsored the show.)

Starting July 23rd, this “Comic-Con” exclusive set should hit target shelves, as well as, but in a different version. Online buyers pay an additional $25 above the $124.99 price point, and get a bonus tour accessory pack that includes a T-shirt, lanyard, and guitar picks.

Get a good look at the set in our gallery below. Does it hit you right in the nostalgia feels, or make you go “Hmmm…”? Let us know in comments.

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