The Ultimate Christopher Reeve Superman Action Figure Has Arrived

To many superhero fans, there simply can be no other. Christopher Reeve is Superman. Sure, not every movie he appeared in turned out great, and people can nitpick the giant S-shield weapon or the fact that he seemingly killed Zod years before Henry Cavill would. But Reeve himself embodied the big blue boy scout, even when the material didn’t back him up. Except for the time fake Kryptonite turned him evil, he never strayed from embodying a consummate good guy. From getting a cat out of a tree to keeping a potentially devastating promise to Miss Tessmacher so as not to break his word, he let a whole generation believe. And now that said generation has some money, the ultimate Christopher Reeve action figure exists.

Mezco‘s One:12 Collection always sports premium detail and amazingly tailored outfits for 6-inch toys. The Reeve Superman is no different. Plus, as an unexpected bonus, he comes with a Fortress of Solitude crystal computer that lights up and includes individual crystals to insert. Other screen-specific add-ons include the Kryptonite medallion from the first film, and Gus Gorman’s fake version from Superman III. Sadly, there is no bonus “evil drunk” portrait, but an extra smiling head does add customizing options. Along with multiple hands for flying, fighting, and posing.

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As of this writing, preorders directly from Mezco remain open. But even if it says “Wait List,” don’t fret. Mezco frequently extends the run for wait-listers, though it can take a while sometimes.

Fly down to our gallery below for more angles on what may be the best movie Superman toy ever. Then let us know in comments if Mezco can read your mind.

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