Mezco’s One: 12 Wonder Woman Figure Comes Fully Equipped

Mezco’s One:12 Wonder Woman Figure Comes Fully Equipped

In a year heavy with Wonder Woman 1984 movie figures, with and without large golden wings, Mezco opts for another direction. Not everyone favors live-action looks du jour. For all who’d prefer a great comic-book styled rendition, the company announces a 6-inch scaled figure with versatile gear to allow for multiple looks. This One: 12 Wonder Woman can be more Amazonian, or classically superheroic. As usual for this Mezco format, options are plentiful.

Without any of the accessories, Diana sports the iconic look that makes her one of DC Comics’ “big three” superheroes. With them, she can armor up her shoulders and neck, let a cape fly out behind her, and wield classic Themysciran battle weapons. For extra poseability, the cape contains a bendable wire allowing for action-pose displays.

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Whichever Wonder Woman a given collector likes best, most probably agree that her coolest power is bullet deflection. Moreover, that’s embodied in a very cool way here. Attach ricochet effects to her wrists via small magnets, and the deflected gunshots can go anywhere on her gauntlets that a scene requires. On TV, in the movies, or as drawn by many artists, this is the classic heroine pose. And surprisingly few Wonder Woman figures are poseable or detailed enough to pull it off.

One: 12 Wonder Woman goes for the line’s usual $85 price tag, and is up for preorder now. Shipping should happen anywhere between December and February. But considering Covid-19’s delay of everything, expect it more toward the end of that timeframe.

Are you ready for all the power this figure possesses? Let us know in comments below!

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