Lady Death Returns to the Action Figure Realm in 6-Inch Scale

There was a time in the ’90s when Lady Death looked to potentially become the next Spawn. Following in the footsteps of McFarlane Toys taking sculpting to the next level, Moore Action Collectibles launched a Lady Death line. Like Spawn, she was a super-powered antihero with ties to Hell. Unlike Spawn, who appealed to teenage boys’ angst, she aimed more for the libido. And was one of the preeminent figures in the ’90s “Bad Girls” trend which saw a surge in popularity for shapely, scantily clad supernatural female characters with a penchant for violence.

Art Asylum would pick up the toy rights a few years later, making more poseable and comic-styled figures of Lady Death and fellow Chaos! Comics characters. But in 2005, the character was licensed individually to Avatar Press without her supporting cast. In 2015, creator Brian Pulido revived her via his own company Coffin Comics. And he clearly has his eyes on more merchandise.

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Coming from Executive Replicas, which specializes in the kinds of Bad Girls that dominated ’90s comics, the new Lady Death action figure is not cheap. At $74.99, she’s close to the same price as their fancy skin-over-frame Vampirella figure. (And slightly cheaper than the Kickstarter Spawn figure if one buys that autographed.) But she’s limited in quantity, and comes in an elaborate box. Future figures teased on the back include Lady Satana, Hellwitch, La Muerta, and Chaotica. Lady Death sports 24 points of articulation and wears a removable cape. Sword and scythe come included.

Will you celebrate the chaotic warrior’s return to toys by preordering? Let us know in comments.

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