Hot Toys Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen Figure Includes Peter Porker

It can get weirder! In the wake of their highly praised Miles Morales action figure from Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse, Hot Toys took a further plunge. Like every Academy Award-winning film, the animated superhero multiverse flick needs more toys. Furthermore, fans definitely can’t get enough of Spider-Gwen, the powered-up Gwen Stacy voiced by Hailee Steinfeld. For most toy companies, the character alone would be enough of a lure. But this one sweetens the deal, as Spider-Gwen comes with Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider-Ham. The Spider-Pig who truly does whatever a Spider-Pig does, he comes as a PVC figure. Complete with his handshake pose from the film.

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Unlike Miles, Gwen does not include an alternate civilian outfit. But she does boast multiple sets of Spidey eyes for her masked look. From the official description: “Based on the appearance of Spider Gwen in the movie, the highly-accurate figure features a newly developed head sculpt with incredible likeness of Gwen Stacy, a masked head sculpt with multiple pairs of interchangeable eye pieces to create different expressions, a newly developed body, teal ballet shoes with white, black and pink web patterned suit in meticulous tailoring and great details, amazingly detailed accessories include a 1/6th scale collectible featur[ing] Spider-Ham sticking out his hand, Spider-Gwen’s mask, smart phone, mirror case, physics book, assorted web accessories, comic art inspired character backdrop…also a dynamic figure stand for aerial poses.”

Take a look at the full gallery below, and see what you think of this sensational she-spider. Will she swing her way into your collectible-loving heart? Let us know in comments.