Hot Toys Leaps Into the Spider-Verse With Miles Morales Figure

Hot Toys typically set such a standard that we frequently marvel how much their action figures look like photos of the actors. So often are their likenesses spot-on that fans harp on any imperfections. But that’s just one skillset, albeit one they master. What about capturing a movie character who doesn’t sport any actor’s physical likeness? Now we know, for in an unusual move, Hot Toys’ latest announcement replicates an animated protagonist. The Miles Morales figure from Into the Spider-Verse, like the movie itself, breaks a lot of new ground. Perhaps anyone can wear the mask, but it takes a rare company to make every mask wearer as intricate a toy as the previous one.

As a person-of-color Spider-Man, Miles always was a trailblazer. Appropriately, then, the first Spider-Man movie to star him was an innovator as well. With animation that resembled a printed comic in 3D, and a storyline that featured multiple dimensions colliding, Into the Spider-Verse was like no other prior American animated film. His figure, reproducing the animated character almost exactly, feels equally distinct.

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The Miles Morales figure comes with three head sculpts, and two complete costumes. Dress him either as Spider-Man, casual Miles, or some hybrid of the two. Multiple hands and mask-eyes allow for customized looks even in the Spidey suit. Best of all, he includes an elaborate backdrop style after the color-separated and caption-laden environments of the movie itself.

Now that Hot Toys has set this precedent, who wants to see them tackle Spider-Man Noir, or even Peni Parker and her giant mech? Let’s see how far into this universe they’re willing to go. In the meantime, take a look at the full Miles Morales figure gallery below. And tell us what you’d like to see next in comments.