S.H. Figuarts Loki Displays Multiple Looks From the First Avengers Film

The Hulk might think he’s a puny god, but Loki came very close to defeating the entire Avengers roster back in 2012. Consistently rated as the top MCU villain, at least until Killmonger and Thanos showed up, Thor’s angsty adopted brother was a highlight of the original Avengers. At that point he was also the only major villain to recur. Sure, in the end he could not recapture the Tesseract, but mischief gods are patient. Last year, in Avengers: Endgame, he got his chance to grab that Infinity Stone after the battle of New York. Vanishing in a cloud of smoke, he set off on adventures sure to develop on the Disney+ Loki show. To get fans prepared, Bandai has designed an amazing Figuarts Loki, with several killer looks.

Loki’s horned helmet looks heavy, and may not be Tom Hiddleston’s favorite thing to wear. Displayed with it on, however, the figure looks suitably intimidating. Collectors who prefer a more subdued villain can bind and gag him as Thor did by movie’s end. Or just showcase his malevolent pretty face. And that nicely tailored cloth cape.

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Loki features the usual Figuarts attention to detail and super-poseability. He most likely stands a little shorter than Marvel Legends, but close enough to be compatible.

Take a look at handful of images below. Will the angry Norse deity make your collection? Let us know in comments.