Ghostbusters Gets the Collector Figure Treatment From Hasbro

It’s not as if Ghostbusters hasn’t had decent action figure treatment before. Mattel produced a long line of subscription based mail-away 6-inch figures, while Diamond Select recently produced two series of 7-inch characters with massive buildable diorama bits. But now that Hasbro has the license, they’re making a line that’s compatible with all their other signature lines, from Marvel Legends to Star Wars Black Series. The Ghostbusters Plasma Series uses digital scans, face-printing, and all the articulation Hasbro collectors expect.

Plus, while other previous companies slowly leaked out the core team in different assortments, Hasbro’s getting them all out at once. Spengler, Stantz, Venkman and Zeddemore comprise four of the first six figures. Possessed Dana Barrett and Gozer the Gozerian fill out the series, with a buildable Terror Dog when all are purchased. This seems an odd choice, since many collectors will want two Terror Dogs, and it would certainly have sold well by itself, but it encourages completism.

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Presumably, characters from the new Ghostbusters movie will follow. Whether they’ll dip into Extreme Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, or The Real Ghostbusters may depend on sales. (Hasbro’s giving The Real Ghostbusters a vintage style line that looks just like the original toys.) Perhaps we can finally get an in-scale Ecto-1 for them to ride in, something no other company has yet done for 1984 movie-style figures.

Preorder all six on Hasbro Pulse now, along with a $100 prop replica of Spengler’s neutrona wand. Delivery should happen right around June. Need a closer look? Feast your eyes on our gallery below. Then tell us which ‘buster makes you feel the best in comments below.