Star Wars Gets Imaginext-Style Toys With Hasbro’s New Mission Fleet

Just when collectors were wondering whether to invest in Hasbro‘s most recent Star Wars expansion into 5-inch animated-style figures, here comes a whole new scale. Mission Fleet, which features 2.5 inch figures and vehicles, serves a twofold purpose. One, it allows for figure and vehicle sets at a price point that isn’t prohibitive to a kid or casual buyer. And two, it enters a space previously dominated by Mattel’s Imaginext. That brand was initially a Fisher Price expansion aimed at clever playsets for kids. However, it gained popularity with collectors due to its range of characters and creative environments. Star Wars Galactic Heroes operates in a similar space, but with even more cartoonish stylization.

Revealed first by io9, the Mission Fleet includes deluxe figures for $8, small vehicles for $15, and midsize fighters for $20. Some of the deluxe figures feature fun throwbacks to older toys. Ahsoka’s speeder, for instance, resembles one that came with a Luke Skywalker figure back in the ’90s. The Clonetrooper jet pack debuted as a toy in 2005 in the regular figure line. And Boba Fett got that large winged backpack as a workaround to give him a missile-launcher that would pass safety laws. Speaking of missile launchers, many of them in this line are interchangeable and can plug into different ports.

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Din Djarin on a swoop towing Baby Yoda in the bassinet is likely to be an early favorite here. However, since this line debuts in the fall, toy shelves should contain a veritable bounty of “the Child” product by then. But there’ll also be another season of The Mandalorian, so…

Are you ready to go all-in on an all-new Star Wars scale? Check out all the pics in our gallery below, then let us know in comments.