Robocop’s Ultra-Violent ED-209 Scene Gets a Comically Accurate Figure Set

One of the inherent jokes to Robocop‘s mechanical foe ED-209 is that it’s absurdly inefficient. The prototype future law enforcer isn’t just bad A.I. ridiculously entrusted with deadly, loaded weapons. It also can’t fit through most doors, or climb stairs. It’s meant to be a prime example of how inefficient, bloated bureaucracy and government combined create something both wasteful and destructive. And yet nobody can deny what a cool action figure it makes. So much so that Kenner and NECA already made versions of it over the years.

Now that Super7 makes retro-style Robocop figures, ED-209 makes for an inevitable choice. But to shake things up, the company hasn’t brought him alone. Big Ed comes with Mr. Kinney, its first victim during a live ammo demonstration. The studio ordered Kinney’s death scene significantly trimmed to get an R-rating; ironically, the uncensored cut makes it so excessively bloody it plays more as comedy. The first ever Mr. Kinney figure matches this tone, as it is pure hilarity. Splattered with blood, the poseable character looks shocked that there’s a gigantic hole in his torso.

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That the set bears the name “ED-209 vs Mr. Kinney” feels funny too. Like there was any kind of fight there whatsoever.

The ED-209 sports four points of articulation — legs and arms, presumably — while Mr. Kinney has five. None of which he can use when he’s dead, of course. Fans can preorder the set for around $35 at most online retailers, with a delivery set for spring. Will you be one of them? Let us know in comments — you have ten (or more) seconds to comply!