Hot Toys Battle-Damaged Thanos Makes Us Snap to Attention

Don’t panic. Bringing Hot Toys‘ battle-damaged Thanos home will not instantly make half the rest of the collection disappear. He’s just that realistic-looking that it seems he could. But collectors can choose if they prefer him triumphant or not. Select either a fully powered-up nano gauntlet with light-up Infinity Stones, or a finger-snapping one that’s already had them sucked out by Iron Man.

The Mad Titan toy bears an uncanny likeness to CGi’ed Josh Brolin, now with cuts, scrapes, and armor dings. And the figure doesn’t skimp on the extras. He inclues “a specially designed muscular body exhibiting hyper realistic skin texture and tendons,” as well as alternate angry and confused head sculpts, double-edged sword, and rock diorama stand. And unlike some figures that just come with extra helmeted heads, this guy has a helmet that’s removable.

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Avengers: Endgame still has a shot at Oscar glory this weekend for Best Visual Effects. Undoubtedly a big part of that goes toward the way the Russo brothers and their team brought Thanos to life. Of course, the character as finally realized never existed in physical space. But with a detailed replica like this one, he now does.

Take in every glorious detail in our gallery below. From the frustration on this bad guy’s face to the dirt on his blade, this villain feels real. And that’s tough to pull off with a big purple giant. Let us know what you think in comments below.