Hot Toys Gives Marvel’s War Machine a Tron Makeover

Hot Toys will tell us their inspiration for this flashy rendition of Marvel‘s War Machine is “modern contemporary neon art.” But we think it’s simpler than that. Rhodey in this armor totally looks like a character from the world of Tron. Why can’t they say so? Disney owns it all, after all. Maybe it’s because in that color scheme, he looks too much like a bad guy in the Tron grid. But as James Rhodes, he can shine any way he wants to.

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The figure has both yellow and orange highlights in publicity photos, due to a combination of luminous paint and LED effects. As the official description has it, “a mixture of matte black, shiny black and orange colored armor with luminous reflective patterns appearing under specialized LED light” creates the effect. The figure is crafted in diecast material, and comes with all his signature weapons. Although it does not feature a Don Cheadle portrait, the armor is authentically styled based on Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

War Machine includes a special stand, and displays well with previous Hot Toys neon takes on Iron Man. We’d still like to see how he’d fare against a Recognizer, or a Light Cycle. Do gatling guns work against hard-light computer graphics? If only we had any Clu…

Check out the full gallery of this luminous suited savior in our gallery below. Will you add this War Machine to your arsenal? Let us know in comments below.