Kotobukiya Offers up a Sexy Female Beetlejuice Statue

Ah, Kotobukiya. How you love to confuse a collector’s desires. Look, it’s one thing to do, say, Supergirl or Black Widow looking like pin-up girls. There, you have characters who are already visually desirable, leaning into it. But when it comes to taking monsters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and now Betelgeuse the bio-exorcist, and making them look like female adult film stars? That’s just really odd. And probably someone’s specific kink. So anyway: sexy Beetlejuice statue. Cool, we guess?

What the multiple watches signify, we couldn’t say. (The other accessory is a nail file.) However, look closely at that tombstone. Typically, the Ghost With the Most poses next to his own grave, which either reads “Betelgeuse” or “Beetlejuice,” depending on the license. But this marker is for Barbara Maitland, played by Geena Davis in the movie. Could this statue actually be Barbara as Beetlejuice? When last we left her, she was a content domestic ghost haunting her old house along with hubby ghost Adam, and the Deetz family. Eternity is a long time, though. Given a while, perhaps she decided to go the bio-exorcism route as well.

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Kotobukiya’s official description offers no clues, acting as if that was the tombstone in the film all along. “The strong makeup and half-up ponytail bring out the free spirited personality and energy exuding from Shunya Yamashita’s unique design. Beetlejuice can be seen filing her nails while leaning against the tombstone as could be seen in the film that inspired this statue. The black and white striped jacket is sculpted as a tailcoat, and is finely sculpted down to the tip of the coat. Beetlejuice’s fashionable looks can also be seen from the multiple watches on Beetlejuice’s wrist to the ring decorated with a large stone in the center!”

Check out the gallery below for more looks at this unique interpretation. Then let us know in comments: will sexy Beetlejuice be coming home with you?