MAFEX Dark Knight Figure Brings Frank Miller’s Batman to Life

Many toy companies have tried their hand at bringing The Dark Knight Returns Batman into three dimensions. But when it comes to poseable action figures, none has duplicated Frank Miller‘s art in three dimensions quite like this before. Medicom‘s MAFEX line of super-articulated figures recently took on the Batman: Hush miniseries. Now, however, it’s time to tackle one even more iconic. The ’80s Batman who arguably became the template moving forward for every grim and gritty Batman take. The Dark Knight figure looks an outstanding tribute to the iconic four-part graphic novel.

Medicom could have rested on their laurels with the basic sculpt and moved on. Not this company, though. They’ve also provided a cloth cape, interchangeable unmasked Bruce Wayne head with handheld cowl accessory, and multiple Batarangs. Anyone looking to customize Sin City figures has a good base right here.

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MAFEX figures tend to be slightly smaller than Marvel Legends and other 6-inchers, but this Batman is a big guy. At approximately 6.3 inches, he’s exactly 1:12 scale if you assume Bruce Wayne is six foot three-ish. That’s definitely big enough for him to put his hands around your other toys’ throats, so that they remember the figure who beat them.

This Batman will rise next September, with preorders likely to hit most online retailers soon. As an import, he won’t be cheap — expect to pay around $70 for the privilege. But first, check out the gallery below. We think you’ll be sorely tempted to take the plunge.