Walgreens Exclusive X-Men Stepford Cuckoos Figure Coming in Spring

May the collecting gods bless Walgreens. Ever since the drugstore chain became run by a toy collector, they’ve become a new destination for some of the best figures out there. And even though the guy who started it moved on, the company still looks committed to carrying toys. Not only that, but they’re taking on exclusive figures that might lack the mass name-recognition a bigger retailer would demand. Hasbro just revealed the next Marvel Legends exclusive to be found betwixt the medicine aisles, and it’s a three-in-one: the Stepford Cuckoos.

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Phoebe, Mindee, and Celeste heads come with one single body, alternate hands, power effects, and a Cerebro helmet. Completists will want to buy three, or maybe even five to add dead siblings Sophie and Esme into the mix. Quentin Tarantino fans might appreciate how close this gets them to a Go-Go Yubari Kill Bill custom. And aficionados of schoolgirl outfits, generally, can switch out the head of anyone they like. Want Wolverine in a miniskirt? Done.

Hasbro also announced a repainted retro Storm figure for sale on Hasbro Pulse starting this week. Like the original Toy Biz figure from the ’90s, this one is painted black.

Take a look at all the official images of Storm and the Stepford Cuckoos in the gallery below. How many Cuckoos will make it to your collection? Does Storm’s black outfit beat the white version? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.