DC Collectibles Animated Batman Line Becomes ‘The Adventures Continue’

The problem with any toy line based on an older TV show is that eventually, it runs out of characters to make. If no new episodes get made, no new personalities get added to the roster of potential figures. So what to do with a hugely successful collector line like DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series? In DC’s case, the company is imagining the show kept going. Batman: The Adventures Continue gives the Bruce Timm-style treatment to villains and others who never appeared on the show. Plus a few comic-inspired variants on familiar heroes who did.

Rebranding next July, The Adventures Continue includes a familiar Robin and Joker. Joining them, we will see an all-new Deathstroke, and a deluxe “Super Armor” Batman. The latter, of course is based on the final battle with Superman from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. With perhaps a touch of Ben Affleck’s armor additionally thrown in.

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As the figures are in scale with each other and appropriately sized, the price points vary too. Joker and Robin run around $30, with $35 for Deathstroke and $40 for big Batman. So not only will the line not be limited by what appeared on TV; it also won’t be hamstrung by having to keep figures the same size. We look forward potentially to DC Collectibles making over characters like Batwoman and Damian Wayne this way.

Check the gallery below for the first four figures. Who would you like to see added to the line that never showed up in an episode? Let us know in comments.