Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile Becomes Official LEGO Set

We get spoiled with an abundance of superhero movie riches these days, but in 1989, Batman got all the hype for a good six months. It was a big deal: as far as non-comics fans knew, Adam West was the definitive Batman, and even less campy takes on the character in cartoon and toy form springboarded off his portrayal. So when that first trailer hit and this all-black, actual frightening-looking 1989 Batmobile showed up, it was a huge deal. Goodbye, orange-trim convertible. Hello, bat-wing fins and pop-up machine guns. The message was clear: if you were afraid Michael Keaton would make Batman a comedy, don’t be. He’s gonna get nuts.

Batman himself turns 80 this year, and Tim Burton’s Batman turns 30. It’s the perfect time for LEGO to honor the ground-breaking incarnation that showed what superhero epics could become on the big screen. Equally perfect: LEGO Jack Nicholson! Toys of Nicholson as the Joker remain in scarce supply due to the actor’s exorbitant licensing fees, but a stylized LEGO minifig doesn’t count as an actor likeness. Vicki Vale toys, as far as I know, are non-existent; this might include the first one.

The Batmobile isn’t just a spot-on likeness. It also comes with pop-up guns, and a cockpit that slides forward to open. Relative to the minifigs it’s much larger than the movie version, but that’s a forgivable choice when done to include all the key details. The final model measures nearly two feet long; the set costs $249.99. Expect it to hit stores starting Nov. 29th.

Check out the full gallery below. It’s not going to kill you, but you will want to tell all your friends about it. It’s Batman!