Marvel Build-a-Figures and More Revealed at European Comic Conventions

We’re still a ways out from the next Marvel movies to unveil the goods, but Hasbro has plenty of comic-based toys to go around. At France and UK comic conventions this past weekend, they revealed several, including two new Marvel build-a-figures.

A previously announced Spider-Man wave featuring some video game outfits, classic vulture, Shang-Chi, and White Rabbit will let collectors build the Demogoblin. The latest, greatest take on Spidey’s flying foe rides atop a flaming glider complete with dynamic stand.

Hasbro also announced a Fantastic Four wave back at Comic-Con, featuring all the Four along with Doctor Doom and She-Hulk. Now we know the build-a-figure is a Super Skrull, with interchangeable flaming and living-rock arms. Strong Guy appears as a buildable figure in a future Deadpool wave, and we got a look at him at SDCC. A new image, however, surfaced this weekend.

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Not every revelation specified a wave, so they could be reserved as the token comic figures in a future movie line. Two new figures fit this profile: a comic-based rendition of Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes and Spy Master. Hasbro will make them available next Spring, but we don’t yet know in what series.

A Black Widow movie wave would be the perfect place for these to show up. We’re just saying. We do know, thanks to talking to Hasbro at Comic-Con, that they saw movie designs far enough in advance to get action figures out in good time if they choose to.

Check out the gallery below for more official pics. What waves do you think Spy Master and Bucky will show up in? Let us know in comments.