Hot Toys Sends Plus-Sized Thor Into Battle

Thor watched his brother die, more than once. He saw his entire homeworld perish. And at the end of the Infinity War, he chopped the head off of a captive foe who barely fought back. It’s the sort of thing that can mess a guy up. Even a guy who’s a demigod. It’s a wonder Thor only became an overweight beer-chugger who dresses like the Big Lebowski. Yet when it finally came time to fight the big fight, plus-sized Thor took the power back. And he did so without having to lose the weight. It’s okay to be a larger thunder god.

Now Hot Toys has captured plus-sized Thor in his full battle gear, wielding both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir. Both weapons light up, as does his armor. And the entire body is accentuated with a special luminous, reflective effect for a divine sheen. Lightning effects can be added to the accessories for extra power displays.

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Chris Hemsworth’s performance in Avengers: Endgame may have been his best in the whole MCU run. Though some viewed his extra belly weight as a needless joke, the trauma he carried in his eyes, and the way he’d break down upon having certain memories triggered, were note-perfect. It made his ultimate triumph, and his ability to count on mortals for help, that much more inspiring. Thanks to Hot Toys, collectors can own a piece of that triumph in short order.

Check out the full gallery of images below. Then let us know in comments if you’re ready to place a bigger Thor in a place of honor on your toy shelf.