Hot Toys Unleashes The Mandalorian and IG-11 Star Wars Figures

Hot Toys Unleashes The Mandalorian and IG-11

We were wondering where Hot Toys was this past Force Friday. With every other vendor unleashing the floodgates of Star Wars merchandise, the highest-end figure company was conspicuously absent. And apparently just biding their time. Because of course they have The Mandalorian. As a bonus, in the first gallery of images, they’ve also revealed his sidekick, IG-11. This less-evil bounty hunting droid, voiced by Taika Waititi, gives the Disney+ series a callback to O.G. bounty hunter IG-88. Just as the lead, unnamed character feels like a throwback to Boba Fett. Or at least his cool factor.

Talking about cool factor — The Mandalorian comes with probably the coolest Star Wars accessory ever. That’s right: a Stormtrooper head on a pike. Yes, this is definitely the darker Star Wars that certain fans wanted when the prequels got too light. Though with Waititi around, it’s unlikely to get too dour.

In keeping with the semi-anonymous nature of the lead so far, Hot Toys did not announce an un-helmeted head. There might be one held back for later, or this could truly be a Judge Dredd-type situation where he never takes his helmet off. If so, that’s a bold choice, and one that would probably not be permitted in a theatrical feature. But on Disney+, why not? Disney has already got your money.

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In anticipation to the first-ever live action Star Wars series, Hot Toys is excited to announce the 1/6th scale collectible figure of the title character, the Mandalorian.

The highly-accurate collectible figure features meticulously crafted helmet and armor pieces, finely tailored outfit, beautifully applied weathering effects, a blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, accessories to set up a diorama base including a battle damaged Stormtrooper helmet, a flag, spears and desert-themed figure base.

Check out the full gallery, including cameos by IG-11, below. If you’re on board with The Mandalorian, let us know in comments.