Loot Crate Crowdfunds Exclusive Gremlins and TMNT Figures

Now that NECA has partnered with Loot Crate under the same owner, the post-bankruptcy model has changed. Instead of being a subscription service, new crates will get crowd funded. But the primary incentives will be revealed in advance, and in many cases they are exclusive NECA figures. Figures which, for various reasons (legal or practical) can’t be sold at mass retail. They started with a new Batman; up next, new exclusive Gremlins and a new Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Spirit of Splinter is a movie variant, from the scene where he appears to his children in astrally projected form. With iridescent paint highlights and an LED light-up fire, this figure will come packed with other TMNT 30th anniversary collectibles.

The Gremlin figure will be the sole item in its crate — and currently needs more support than Splinter as a result. But it comes loaded with deluxe accessories, some of which won’t fly at mass retail, like a cigarette and beer. The creature also comes with two outfits, to dress up as either a male flasher or a female Flashdance-style aerobic dancer. It’s the first truly nonbinary Gremlin action figure.

Both the Gremlins crate and the TMNT crate are seeking backers right now, and can be preordered for $49.99. Should they fail to meet their goals, backers will not be charged. There’s a little more than a month left to make this happen.

Do you plan on backing either one? What other exclusive figures do you hope to see? (Given that they’ve done a Batman, we have our fingers crossed for more DC.) Let us know your hopes in the comments. And check out all the images below!