Rick and Morty’s Mr. Meeseeks Is a Perfect Jack-in-the-Box

Pop-culture jack-in-the-boxes are nothing new, with characters like the Joker and Pennywise having been there, done that. Clowns do make a sort of sense in that context. But no character who actually comes from a box in canon has captured our imaginations quite like Mr. Meeseeks. So it feels more than appropriate that the highly marketable blue dude from Rick and Morty finally has his own actual box to pop out of. But as always with a Meeseeks box, be careful what you wish for!

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A Meeseeks will emerge from its box to obey any command a user gives it before fulfilling its purpose by killing itself. The only catch is that it isn’t magical, so it cannot give a person abilities they don’t have. If a person wishes for an ability, the Meeseeks can try to teach it, but it’s limited by the subject’s ability to learn. And the longer it takes to teach, the longer its extremely painful life of unfulfillment lasts.

Entertainment Earth’s Meeseeks jack-in-the-box, grants our wish of owning a show-appropriate collectible with a hilariously pissed-off face. So this blue guy is unlikely to die unhappy. When an owner winds him up to make him pop off, it will be literal rather than metaphorical. He becomes available first at New York Comic Con, with leftover stock available at Entertainment Earth for pre-order right now.

Remember: when it comes to collectibles, don’t be a Jerry. Aim for something that actually seems attainable. And this guy totally fits that bill.

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