ThunderCats Retro Figures Get a Second Series From Funko

Super7 may be doing the most deluxe ThunderCats out there, but Funko will continue the five-inch ThunderCats retro line in the style of ’80s Masters of the Universe figures. It’s not hard to guess why. Masters of the Universe itself now features a main line reboot in that same classic scale. So battles between Skeletor and Cheetara just became easier than ever to stage.

Getting to the core four didn’t take long. The new series adds Tygra and Cheetara to the team, while bolstering the mutants with Monkian and Jackalman. (Technically, Monkian should be called “Apian,” but he’s entitled to call himself whatever he wants.)

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ThunderCats rounds out Funko’s larger “Savage World” collection, which also features DC superheroes and classic horror slashers in the old He-Man style. Now all we’re missing is the annoying sidekick Snarf. Put him in the entire Savage World roster and have him face Freddy Krueger or Pinhead, and our childhood dreams will be realized.

No formal date has been announced for these “coming soon” figures, but Funko would be wise to target them for release whenever the new He-Man and Masters of the WWE Universe lines start to hit. The WWE figures could use more women, and Cheetara could show the guys a move or two.

Check out all four of the new figures in the gallery below. Do you prefer your ThunderCats retro-style, or modern? Who should come next? Feel the magic, feel the roar, and let loose in comments below!