Review: Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends Wave 2

The second wave of Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends includes two characters straight from the movie, and one holdover from previous films. There’s a build-a-figure that’s a mix, a long-demanded comics figure, a cool niche comics figure, and two somewhat fugly mystery entries. The wave first began hitting stores June 23rd, and should be hitting your area any day now.

The build-a-figure for this wave is a Mark Ruffalo Hulk, but probably not the version most collectors want most. I originally suspected heavy parts reuse on this one, but after researching a bit, it seems this is at least a different body from most recent Hulks. It gives us a Hulk that’s technically movie-accurate, from the scene where he goes back to infiltrate the battle of New York. But it’s not really full-on Professor Hulk. The two new heads are really nice, and can maybe be kitbashed on to existing bodies if the shades of green aren’t too different. And overall, the paint deco is good enough that I think they may have digitally painted the entire torso rather than just the face. You might not need a new Hulk in torn pants, but if you do this isn’t bad.

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Rescue is the highlight of this wave, with an all-new sculpt that reshapes the classic Iron Man armor into a distinctly feminine form for Pepper Potts. Due to the size of the figure, making hinged flaps on the back was likely to be a too-fiddly affair for anything that might get given to a kid. Hence, alternate backpacks, one with flaps up, and one with them folded in. No Gwyneth Paltrow likeness included; you’ll still have to seek out the expensive three-pack with Trevor Slattery and another Iron Man for that.

Shuri, announced almost a year ago, feels like an overdue figure who just never found a slot. With great detail and a solid Letitia Wright likeness, it nonetheless feels slightly off. I think it’s the face-printing. Most of the new digital face coloration on these figures has shades and nuance. Shuri just has the flat color of the plastic as a skin tone, with no variation. This can’t be purely a color thing, as Marvel has pulled subtlety off on their Chadwick Boseman headsculpts. So while this is still the best Shuri, compared to the basic figure of a year ago, I’m hoping by Black Panther 2 they can capture her even better.

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War Machine uses the Iron Patriot armor from Endgame‘s finale in classic War Machine gray scheme. Presumably this reflects some last minute production changes, and perhaps an exclusive accurate repaint can be expected. Still a quality figure, and the only one who doesn’t come with a Hulk part, he’s a new sculpt with weapons aplenty. And a character we’ve not seen in a while.

Beta Ray Bill wields the original comic Stormbreaker. Fans request this figure frequently, and he feels like a worthy upgrade. “Alien Thor” ought to show up in a movie sooner or later (give or take Ragnarok effigy cameo), but Stormbreaker’s popular now. The movable jaw is a nice touch, giving Bill a range of mildly creepy expressions.

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Loki…just sucks. Sorry. No way around this. It’s like the sculptors came up with the head, and then were told there’s no money for new body parts, and nobody cares anyway because they’re busy buying Tom Hiddleston versions. Head aside, this is a cheap, ugly figure that looks like a store-bought comic Loki costume. If you’re desperate for a comics-styled version, I know there hasn’t been one in a while, but you may want to hold out for something better. The head doesn’t even really sit on the neck peg well. It screams, “This is not my body!”

Union Jack’s highlight is the sharply painted UK flag on his body. He also has a nicer-than-usual belt, with gun holster and knife sheath that both work. One need not get too fancy with this figure, and he’ll make a fun gift for your favorite British Patriot. Even if they don’t know comics well.

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Rock Python, on the other hand….What can one say? It’s a silly, dated costume, but it’s likely to be this character’s one shot at toy glory. Every character is someone’s favorite character, and with enough squinting, or actual repainting, he could pass for The Incredibles‘ Frozone. Good for anyone who was actually wanting him.

But because this particular Hulk is inessential, there’s less need to catch ’em all. Diamond Select is making a Professor Hulk in team suit with gauntlet, and while their figures scale larger, Hulk can be larger so it matters less. Fans had to buy Nighthawk to build armored movie Thanos, but cosplay Loki has no such mandate.

As always, Marvel Legends can be found everywhere from Walgreens to Walmart for $19-$20. But given that many of my local outlets still have figures from last year magically reappearing, you never know when they’ll actually show up.

Check out the rest of the figures, and some alternate angles, in our gallery below: