The Marine From Doom Gets His Long-Awaited Action Figure

It may not have been the original first-person shooter, but for an entire generation, Doom was the definitive one. As simple as it was addictive, Doom cast the player as a Space Marine on the moons of Mars. Hell spews forth space demons, and the goal is to navigate mazes to chainsaw, punch, and nuclear-blast them all to death.

Doom‘s spiritual successor Quake received several toys in the past, but the original space devil-killer, while often-demanded, rarely saw plastic till now. McFarlane Toys, a company entirely founded on the notion of a demon-fighting antihero from Hell, just stepped up. The Doom Slayer action figure is here!

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Though he holds a neutral pose in that image, the guy is poseable, sporting 22 points of articulation. Sadly no BFG (perhaps withheld for a later release?), but his equipment includes a super shotgun and a blade.

The only thing missing here? Interchangeable heads would be amusing. As gameplay and injuries progressed in the classic game, a face on the health bar would get progressively bloodied. Reproducing that effect could be fun. Ah well, maybe down the line. Gotta get some demons first.

Expect the Doom Slayer in September, for approximately $21.99. At 7 inches, he’s in scale with NECA Aliens figures, and can always join Hicks and Apone for some fun.

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