Man-Thing and Wong Lead Funko’s SDCC 2019 Marvel Exclusives

Whoever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch! Money will burn holes in fan pockets as they try to obtain him from Funko’s Comic-Con booth this year. The terrifying swamp monster who definitely isn’t the same character as Swamp Thing. whose DC Universe show just got cancelled. Man-Thing is the largest of the four Pop Vinyl figures. Deriving from both movie and comic properties, each of the 2019 Marvel exclusives will have a retail partner to sell any leftover stock. So in the extremely likely event that you can’t even get near Funko‘s overcrowded corner of the exhibit hall, there are second chances all around.

Man-Thing is a co-exclusive with Entertainment Earth. Since plants come from the earth, and are thoroughly entertaining when they take horrific humanoid shape, that makes total sense. Wong is a shared exclusive with Walgreens, because of course both begin with “W” and work with doctors. (That’s probably not the real reason, though.) A Captain Marvel movie-styled Minn-Erva will be an exclusive at Gamestop. Meanwhile, the scantily clad comic-style Gamora is heading to Hot Topic.

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Note to Hasbro and other toy companies: we are long overdue for more Wong. This guy bails out Doctor Strange every time and is crucial to any Marvel movie collection. As usual, Funko leads the way when it comes to variety. The fact that he has cool spell effects doesn’t hurt.

You can see all four Marvel exclusives below. Tell us which one is your favorite in comments!