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Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For June 19, 2019

Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For June 19, 2019

We’re days ahead of another summer full of heat, but things are already heating up thanks to these Amazon deals. A number of intriguing reads got the slash this week just in time to enjoy under plenty of shade or sun. It’s all about choice here, and we’ve got plenty for you to parse through. Here are Superhero Hype’s best Amazon deals for June 19, 2019.

Superman: Red Son

A large swath of Superman titles are currently on sale, but the most reticent available is the celebrated “what if” story. The storyline was loosely incorporated during the latest season of Supergirl. That inclusion put the Red Son story back on the tongues of casual fans. Now fans can relive the story on Kindle for 72% off or paperback for 24% off.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

The competition has their own reissue getting the discount treatment with Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter. The seminal work of modern Jones canon was initially a digital only release, but the book is now available in paperback as well. Sometimes you just want to tangibly hold the pages of an emotional breakdown. Now anyone can at a 33% discount. The Kindle edition is also heavily discounted, clocking in at 80% off.

Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle between Marvel and DC

Speaking of competition, the decades long battle between comics giants Marvel and DC is one of legend, transcending the medium and entering popular culture. Reed Tucker’s chronicle of that business and creative rivalry allows fans to dive headfirst into a culture clash that bore some of our favorite fictional characters. There’s a world behind the studios that created such vivid ones of their own, and readers can grab a hardcover copy for nearly 50% off.

Abbott Vol. 1

Boom! Studios might not throw around the same weight as the industry pillars, but its creative output more than makes up for it. The publisher released multiple critical darlings last year, but none more intriguing than Abbott. The tale of reporter Elana Abbott’s criminal investigations in 1972 Detroit blends pulpy, hard-boiled detective stories with elements of the occult and exploitation film. The book is wholly unique, much like other Boom! titles. Volume one of the “Best New Comic Series” nominee is available in paperback for 32% off and Kindle for 60% off.

Ultimate Spider-Man Cake Pan

Barbeque season is right around the corner. So is Spider-Man: Far From Home. Why not combine the two with a tasty Spider-Man cake to up that backyard game? This cake pan makes it easier than ever to pop the webslinger on something tasty. At nearly 50% off, that cake will taste even better.

What deals have you spotted on Amazon this week? Let us know in the comment section below!