Hot Toys Star-Lord Has the Best Infinity War Accessories

By now, we expect a Hot Toys Star-Lord to have a spot-on Chris Pratt likeness. Of course the Ravager outfit is perfect, and the masked head lights up. And authentic to screen, you bet. So what makes the newest Peter Quill high-end action figure stand out? It’s the scene-perfect Avengers: Infinity War accessories.

Simulate the effects of the reality stone with a gun that “shoots bubbles.” Enhance his abilities, Doctor Strange style, with a mystical portal and floating energy platforms. Hold down Thanos with blue lightning. The extras that come with this Star-Lord are designed to enhance your dioramas into the endgame.

Also included is a partially formed space helmet that fits around the unmasked Pratt head for that mid-battle decision appearance. Not included, as noted by a few Facebook fans: a middle-finger alternate hand. Hot Toys remain family friendly on that score. But there is a closed fist, to stupidly punch Thanos awake.

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Kudos to whoever sculpted the facial hair on this guy. Those sideburns are magnifique. Both heads feature new paint jobs.

Per Hot Toys: “An expert pilot and master of the blaster, Peter Quill, known as Star-Lord, brings a sassy sense of humor while protecting the universe from any and all threats. He devises a plan for the Guardians, along with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man, to battle against Thanos on Titan who will stop at nothing to collect the invincible Infinity Stones.”

His plan may not have been so great, but he (and the figure) look great doing it. Check out our gallery below for more looks at Hot Toys Star-Lord in action.