For Alien Day, NECA Announces Harry Dean Stanton Action Figure

Riiiight. If you don’t know Harry Dean Stanton, you’ve surely seen his face. From the artful Paris, Texas to the trailer parks of Twin Peaks, as an Avengers security guard, and a dad who wants to be avenged in Red Dawn, he got around. But he has never officially been made into a toy before. His best shot at that was always as Brett from Alien. This considering the movie has a small cast, and toy company NECA has proved itself determined to make every possible Alien toy they can. However, when I asked them what the odds were on good ol’ Brett a couple years ago, they said sales potential was very limited. Although fans of good acting love Stanton, toy collectors don’t necessarily gravitate to some working-class dude in a baseball cap.

It seems the 40th anniversary of Alien makes for a big exception. Therefore, in celebration of that anniversary, and “Alien Day” today (in honor of planet LV-426), we finally get the reveal of a Brett action figure.

He looks just as surprised to be a toy as we are to see him as one. Finally, you can enact scenarios where he goes running after that damn cat, and gets eaten for his trouble. Ah, who are we kidding. You’re totally gonna run around the house holding this figure and yelling, “Boys! Avenge me!”

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There’s no definite release date yet, except that Brett should hit stores sometime this year for the anniversary. Furthermore, considering he’s part of an anniversary collection, NECA could have more great surprises in store.

How will you display your Harry Dean Stanton? Got any good custom ideas? Let us know in comments.