Your 1:1 Replica of the Final Avengers: Endgame Infinity Gauntlet Has Arrived

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame!

Thanos could have saved a whole lot of time if he’d realized that wielding the Infinity Stones doesn’t actually require a glove forged with the melting power of a star. We’re thinking maybe he just wanted an excuse to exterminate some space dwarfs. Because both the penultimate and the final Avengers Endgame Infinity Gauntlet forms required significantly less effort to make than Stormbreaker.

It’s even easier for collectors. All you’ll have to do is get your hands on Hot Toys’ 1:1 replica of the Nano Gauntlet. It’s the Iron Man-like gauntlet that was used to wield the Infinity Stones one last time.

Of course, with great power comes great risk. If you use the Nano Gauntlet to rewrite the universe it’s going to cost you your life if you’re a mere puny human. However, Hot Toys’ version won’t kill you. It’ll just make fellow collectors sick with envy. Nor will it turn anyone to dust, but it does have two different lighting modes and a base to stand it upright.

At about 20.5 inches tall, the gauntlet dwarfs most Hot Toys 12-inch figures. But let them cower. Can you wear them? We didn’t think so.

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The previous Thanos-sized gauntlet from Hot Toys cost $930; as this one is human-sized, it may run a little less once all the details are finalized. But nobody ever never said it would be a snap to afford it — just to wield it. It’s still a bargain compared to the cost of the actual Soul Stone.