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WATCH: Miracle of Sound’s Spider-Man PS4 Inspired Song “When I Swing By”

Last month, Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 game gave fans the chance to step into Peter Parker’s shoes and protect NYC while taking on various supervillains. It also inspired Gavin Dunne, the popular YouTube musician known as Miracle of Sound. Earlier in October, Dunne released “When I Swing By,” a Pop/Punk song that touches on a few highlights from Spider-Man PS4. According to Dunne, he choose this sound because he thought it was something that Peter would actually listen to.

“I was trying to imagine what kind of music Peter Parker would be a fan of and might listen to while he swings around NYC,” said Dunne. “There’s a very particular optimism and bright energy couple with a strong, powerful musical backbone that comes with early 2000s pop punk like Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day etc… it seemed like the perfect fit!”

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Dunne also shared a few of the aspects from the game that informed the lyrics he wrote for the song.

“I was inspired by Peter’s general optimism and also the theme of mentors; taking the things you learn, using them to better yourself,” related Dunne. “Then passing the knowledge on so that others can benefit too. Pete’s relationship with Dr Octavius was great in this game, it really made him a sympathetic character even though we all know what’s coming from the moment we meet him….My favorite part of the game was the movement. Such a sense of momentum & speed. I’ve never played a game where simply getting from point a to point b was so ridiculously fun! I had to force myself to use the fast travel so I could capture those fun little subway clips for the video.”

Of course, this wasn’t Dunn’s first exposure to Spider-Man and his world. He traced his early Spidey fandom to the early animated series. “Like many, it was the cartoons when I was a little kid,” noted Dunne. “That goddamn theme song still gets stuck in my head!”

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Finally, Dunne told us what he wants to see in the Spider-Man sequel or future DLC.

“More villains! I really liked the later dual-team boss fights in this game,” said Dunne. “And it would be cool to see more focus on the villains next time. The main villain arcs were really well done. I would also like to see Peter and Miles continue to exist together in the same universe, both of them alive and well.”

For more of Dunne’s video game and movie inspired songs, check out his Miracle of Sound YouTube Channel. His previous albums can be found on Bandcamp.

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