Don Cheadle on Starring in Iron Man 2

Moviefone chatted with Don Cheadle at the Darfur charity event “Ante Up for Africa” outside Los Angeles on Thursday about playing James Rhodes/War Machine in Iron Man 2. Here’s a clip:

“I think the character that I play, my CGI character worked as much as I worked,” reveals Cheadle, who plays Col. Jim Rhodes and War Machine in the movie. “The stuntman worked as much as I worked. It’s a huge undertaking. It was great. It was a really different experience than I have worked on before. Robert [Downey Jr.] is a great guy to work with. Jon Favreau, everybody is quality. It’s a lot of fun, the series.”

You can check out more of the interview here. Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7.

Source: Moviefone