SDCC: The Sherlock Holmes Panel!

Robert Downey Jr. took the mic with rounds and rounds of standing applause moments ago in SDCC’s Hall H.

Though a lot of the footage was already shown in the trailer, quite a few moments were expanded upon; We’re treated to the basic mystery. A noble, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) has been executed and allegedly returned from the dead. Holmes and Watson — who seem rather down on their luck at 221 Baker Street — reopen the case to find out what really happened.

One of the all-new moments has Holmes fighting a large man in a boxing ring (glimpsed at briefly, in the trailer). We hear Holmel’s voice as the scene moves in slow motion. He methodically tells himself what he has to do, move by move, to bring the man down, including facts about how long physical and mental recovery will take. When it ends, the scene jumps back and then plays out the same way in real-time, with super-fast fighting moves.

We see a bit more with Holmes and Rachel McAdams’ character, Irene Adler. They’ve obviously known each other for a quite a while. She asks him why he doesn’t trust her and he asks her if he should respond chronologically or alphabetically. She’s the one who steals his clothes (as seen in the trailer) and leaves him locked to a hotel bed, leaving wearing his outfit.

There were also quite a few shots in and around a British shipping yard, including a chase along an unfinished/decayed bridge.

Sherlock Holmes hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Source: Silas Lesnick