SDCC: The Jonah Hex Panel!

The world’s first look at Jonah Hex just screened in SDCC’s Hall H. Though it had the look and feel of a trailer, director Jimmy Hayward seemed to say that it was a special SDCC-only presentation. He also made the note that, while the film has some supernatural stylings, there’s no Voodoo king or army of the dead.

We’re told about Jonah Hex as we see him and someone asks how he got his scar. He says that he’s never told anyone the story, though we see a flash of him being branded. A voice tells us that, since then, he’s walked with one foot in life and one foot in death.

There’s a magical/vooddoo quality to some of the shots, including a live crow crawling out of Hex’s mouth.

Hex is approached by a government official who tells him that, because of his expertise at killing, the US has need of his services.

There’s a fantastic shot of Michael Fassbender sitting on a train track with a dynamite plunger in a long, quiet scene where he whistles, waiting for the train. (Fassbender explained in the panel that his character came a lot from Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” and it’s very easy to see on-screen).

There’s a lot of Megan Fox. One guy grabs her and says, “I own you.” She knocks him down and says, “Never was much for being owned.” We see her doing a lot of fighting and there’s a shot of her from behind, nude with Hex in bed.

There’s a bunch of explosions, including the train and Hex riding in on a horse with machine guns mounted on the side.

There’s a bunch of Hex scar comments, including one guy asking how he got it and Hex responding, “I’ll show you.”

The title comes up with just the letters “JH,” which turns into the full logo.

Post-title, there’s a scene of another guy asking what happened to his face. Hex says, “I cut myself shaving,” shoves an axe in his head and says, “What happened to yours?”

The film definitely has a big, big look to it, despite a relatively small budget. Production value is surprisingly good.

Jonah Hex opens June 18, 2010.

Source: Silas Lesnick