SDCC UPDATE:Wanted 2 to Start PREPRODUCTION in 8 Weeks

UPDATE: Yeah, we thought Mark Millar might have been a little bit overly-exuberant about the start date for shooting the sequel to Timur Bekmambetov’s 2008 hit movie based on his graphic novel Wanted. Hype! spoke with Bekmambetov himself this morning and told him what Millar told us and he suggested Millar might have said that to be “provocative” and it’s more likely that they’ll be starting preproduction in 8 weeks. Considering how long preproduction and planning can take on a movie like that, they probably won’t be shooting until later in the year.

While talking to Mark Millar for Kick-Ass he revealed to us that the script for Wanted 2 is complete and that they’re going to start shooting in eight weeks time.

Timur Bekmambetov is returning to direct while James McAvoy will again play Wesley Gibson.

Millar told us the sequel will revolve around the international group of assassins from issues 4 and 5 from Millar’s graphic novel.

The first film, made for $75 million, earned $341.4 million worldwide in theaters.

Source: Edward Douglas