Marvel’s Joe Quesada on Iron Man 2 & Thor

Comic Book Resources continues their “Cup ‘O Joe” series of interviews with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada with an edition dedicated to Quesada’s involvement with the next two movies on Marvel Studios’ slate, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 and Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.

Quesada is grilled by Jonah Weiland and Kiel Phegley specifically about the meetings held by the Marvel Creative Committee to decide on the direction of the movies and how they’ll tie into Marvel Comics’ publishing schedule.

Below is a taster, and then you can read the full interview with Quesada over on Comic Book Resources:

We had one big creative meeting with the Marvel Creative Committee, which now works on all of our movies and I have the honor to be a part of. We sat with Kenneth and discussed the “Thor” movie and the overarching story of what that’s going to be, just to give our input before anything was put down to paper by screenwriters.

And it was one of the highlights of my time here at Marvel because not only did Branagh sit there and give you the story beat for beat, he and [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige formed a great team. It was performance art. Kevin would give us the establishment of the shot and the situation: “Here we are. We’re in (take your pick of location). And here’s Odin and he’s coming up to (pick a character).” And then Kenneth would come in and give you the color commentary. “Odin has an air of majesty to him” and he’d act out the Odin part or the Thor part. So we sat there and literally got a three-hour one-man show from Kenneth Branagh. It was fantastic. People pay a lot of money for that kind of performance by one of the world’s greatest living actors.

Source: Comic Book Resources