Favreau and Rourke on Iron Man 2

With the filming of Iron Man 2 reaching the halfway point, director Jon Favreau and star Mickey Rourke talked to Empire about the title character, Jim Rhodes/War Machine and villain Whiplash. Here’s a bit from Rourke on the latter:

Meanwhile, Mickey Rourke, who appears as new Iron Man nemesis Whiplash, was back on set last week after a stint with Sly, Li, Lundgren, Statham et al on The Expendables. “I’m having the time of my life!” he enthused about joining the Iron Man franchise. “It’s been really brutal, because my Iron Man suit weighs 23lb. It’s sort of a half-suit, with half my skin showing, with lots of Russian tattoos, because [Whiplash is just] out of a Russian-zone prison.”

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Source: Empire