Chris Morgan Still Involved with Wanted 2

Last month, it was announced that Evan Spiliotopoulos was taking over screenwriting duties on Wanted 2 from the first film’s writer, Chris Morgan. Morgan tells MTV, however, that he is still involved with the sequel:

“I’m actually still involved with ‘Wanted,'” Morgan told MTV News, explaining that his current workload made it necessary for him to step aside from primary writing duties on the film. However, he’ll still have input on the sequel’s creative development — which includes the “global” angle to the story he revealed last year.

“We knew we wanted to do ‘Wanted 2,’ so we started developing a take and came up with a story that’s pretty good and develops the characters,” said Morgan. “But in the process of developing it, I also had commitments to ‘Gears of War’ and the samurai movie I’m doing at Universal.”

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Source: MTV