Spider-Man 2 Now on Crackle.com for Free

Just announced by Sony Pictures Entertainment:

Crackle.com, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s premium video website, will expand its feature film offering to nearly 100 titles, with dozens more on the way, it was announced today by Eric Berger, senior vice president, digital networks for Sony Pictures Television (SPT) at a content showcase for advertisers.

Recognized as having the best free online movie catalog, Crackle will present some of the best movies from Sony Pictures’ vast library, adding new content monthly. Among the new films available is Spider-Man 2, which is available today, along with Groundhog Day, Stripes, A Few Good Men, 1941, American Hardcore, El Mariachi, several Godzilla movies, Big Fish, The Fan, LaBamba, People vs. Larry Flynt, Johnny Mnemonic, La Femme Nikita and others. Honda will be the launch sponsor.

“Our movie line up is unmatched online,” said Berger. “These are the movies that matter for guys 18-34 and this is the next step in creating our direct to consumer network.”

Additionally, Crackle will now be offering a new service called Crackle Cinemactive, an interactive game based on pop culture facts related to movie video clips from the biggest films and the biggest stars. Viewers select a theme and then play against the house, or sit back and learn about their favorite films.

“Cinemactive brings a whole new element to online filmgoing,” said Berger. “From themes such as ‘Appetite for Apatow’ to ‘Villain Hall of Fame,’ we’ve used our library to create an interactive game experience around movies for those who think they know everything about them, or those who just want to learn more in a fun way.”

The announcement was made at a digital content showcase for advertisers, hosted by Amy Carney, president of advertiser sales for SPT. The group also sells advertising for Sony Music Entertainment’s MyPlay, Sony PlayStation and FEARnet, all of which were highlighted at the event.

“Crackle’s movie offering gives advertisers the chance to associate their brands with some of the best pop culture icons,” said Carney.

Crackle has enjoyed great success this year and is ranked among the top ten video entertainment destinations on the web, according to Comscore’s data. In the first quarter of 2009, total streams were up 84% and streams per unique were up 54%, validating the site’s strategy, combining original series with short and longform television and movie programming, aimed at men 18-34.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment