New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Photos

USA Today has published six new photos of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine cast which you can view here or by clicking on Hugh Jackman below!

Jackman also had some interesting to say about Logan in the article. Here’s an excerpt:

Jackman says that while he has always been grateful for the franchise’s success — it has grossed more than $1.1 billion and cemented his leading-man status — he has disagreed with the development of Wolverine’s character over the years.

“I’m not mad about it, but I thought he had gotten a bit soft,” Jackman says. “I thought we had gotten away from the essence of who Wolverine really is: a bad (dude) who wants to live his own life.”

Jackman says he fell in love with the Wolverine character a decade ago for much the same reason fans embrace the comic books.

“The character has always reminded me of Dirty Harry or Han Solo,” Jackman says. “He’s a good guy, not a nice guy. He’s got a lot of flaws, which I think is what people find so attractive about him and the X-Men. He’s struggling with who he is and what he wants. He was one of the comics’ first anti-heroes.”

Source: USA Today