Heroic Ambition is Coming

We received the following press release on Heroic Ambition:

HeroicWorld.com proudly presents the release of the world-premiere trailer for Heroic Ambition, the upcoming superhero entertainment documentary, produced by HeroicWorld Productions. The trailer for the upcoming film can be viewed exclusively at the film’s recently launched website, www.HeroicAmbition.com. Heroic Ambition was written by Scott Cranford, founder of HeroicWorld.com. Cranford was the official "Superman" of the Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois for eight years. "We’re very excited about the release of Heroic Ambition," Cranford says. "It’s been an incredible experience making a documentary about a subject that’s been very close to me for years."Co-directed by Cranford and filmmaker Kevin James, Heroic Ambition uncovers the ambition of the city of Metropolis and the people surrounding the Annual Superman Celebration.Thousands visit the real city of Metropolis annually to celebrate the world’s first Superhero — Superman, The Man of Steel. Witness the ideals of several archetypes within Superman’s Universe. Meet the residents of Metropolis and the visitors to one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country. "What Pumping Iron did for bodybuilding and Trekkies did for Star Trek fans, Heroic Ambition does for the superhero entertainment business," explains Cranford. "It’s nostalgic, inspiring and fun." Share the excitement, the controversy and the ambition as expert insights offer different sides to what goes on behind the scenes of the celebration for the world’s most legendary comic book hero.Executive produced by Scott Cranford and released by HeroicWorld Productions, Heroic Ambition is slated for release to DVD in 2009.

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Source: HeroicAmbition.com