EXCL: Jeremy Renner Looking into The Losers

ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! just finished talking briefly with actor Jeremy Renner, who stars in Kathryn Bigelow’s war thriller The Hurt Locker as the hotshot on a bomb disposal team in Iraq who puts his entire crew in danger. Renner was attending the New York Comic-Con for the Summit Entertainment presentation and he let us know about one project he might be looking into doing later this year.

For the last few weeks, Renner has been shooting the new ABC show “The Unusuals,” which will be following “Lost” starting on April 8, but Renner mentioned to us that one of the projects he’s looking at for his break from the show is Joel Silver’s adaptation of the Vertigo comic The Losers, to be directed by Sylvain White. It wouldn’t be too big a stretch from Renner’s previous work playing a soldier in The Hurt Locker and 28 Weeks Later. We didn’t ask which character Renner was thinking of playing, although he did mention having already read the comic, and he thought it was a “very interesting anti-hero graphic novel, I love that sort of thing. I’ve played those a lot.”

The Hurt Locker is scheduled to open sometime in 2009; look for the rest of our interview with Renner very soon.

Source: Edward Douglas