Charles Roven on the Next Batman Film

Superhero Hype! caught up with The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven on the red carpet of the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California.

The film was up for six Critics Choice Awards and took home two – one for Best Action Movie and Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting actor. Christopher Nolan accepted the award on Ledger’s behalf and said, “He will be incredibly missed.”

We asked Roven the status of the next film and he said, “Right now even though I’m the producer of ‘The Dark Knight’ I’m kind of like everybody. I’m waiting to see what Chris [Nolan] and David Goyer come up with and if they come up and decide if there is something worthy of making another iteration of Batman and ‘The Dark Knight’… The most important thing right now like we did with the last one is that we want to make sure there is a reason to make it. In other words feel like we can do something different than we had done before. We felt we had accomplished that. If we find that again, then I think we’ll come back to the floor. If we don’t, I don’t know what we’ll do.”

We asked him if he personally thought there is a story for a third film and he told us, “I would certainly like to see one get made.”

Source: Heather Newgen