Exclusive: Director D.J. Caruso on Y: The Last Man

Superhero Hype! parent site ComingSoon.net talked to director D.J. Caruso about Eagle Eye, out on DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 29, and got an update on the Y: The Last Man movie in the works at New Line Cinema. Here’s a clip:

CS: You can say that again. I do want to ask about “Y: The Last Man,” which I know you talked about in September and you mentioned you’re still working on the script. I talked to David Goyer maybe three or four years ago, and it’s been a while in development.

Caruso: Yeah, it’s been a while. I think it’s one of those that the source material is fantastic stuff, it’s great, but it’s a tough one to lick into getting into a screenplay. I’ve tried to feel like it’s a trilogy of movies and I think everyone sort of agrees, but at the same time, just getting the first movie right and getting the right beats and knowing what to put in, it’s been really tough. You have great minds like David Goyer and you’ve got Carl Ellsworth and you’ve got Brian K. Vaughn, and I’m working with them to just kind of crack it and get it down. And we’re almost there. I know it’s a slow process, but I think eventually we’ll get it. We’re going to get it and we’ll get it right, but we had a pretty good breakthrough a couple weeks ago in the final act, and hopefully we’ll get there.

He talks more about the big screen adaptation here!

Source: ComingSoon.net