The Dark Knight to Set Blu-ray Shipping Record

Warner Home Video’s The Dark Knight is expected to ship more than 1 million Blu-ray Disc units to retail for its Dec. 9 street date, which is believed to be a first for the format.

Video Business says earlier in the quarter, Paramount Home Entertainment said its Iron Man sold 500,000 Blu-ray copies in its first week on shelves, but it’s unclear how many units the studio shipped.

For much of the past year, Blu-ray copies averaged 5% to 10% of a title’s sales. Recent features, including Warner’s Speed Racer and Journey to the Center of the Earth reached more than 10%, and Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s The Incredible Hulk hit more than 14%.

Iron Man‘s Blu-ray version represented as much as 30% of sales at some retailers, though overall it was closer to 10%.

Source: Video Business