The Green Hornet Gets Less Serious?

CHUD talked to Seth Rogen, who talked about how Stephen Chow coming in to direct and co-star in The Green Hornet might have changed things slightly. Here’s a clip from the interview:

“Me and Evan [Goldberg] talk a lot of sh*t. We have one rule when writing, and that’s don’t get attached to anything. One day we want to make a serious film and then Stephen Chow comes in with a good idea and we’re like, ‘Well it’s funny.’ Should we not do it because we originally wanted to do a serious film? We come from, nah f*ck it, we’ll just take the idea that seems good. So it’s definitely less serious than a serious film, that’s for sure. We want the action… I say now that we want the action to play serious but Stephen could come in tomorrow and say ‘You know what? I want to throw you 400 feet in the air!’ and I’d go, ‘OK, that sounds cool.’

You can check out the full interview here.

Source: CHUD