Iron Man Blu-ray Disc Sales Huge

Video Business reports that the Iron Man Blu-ray Disc sales are huge:

Iron Man is enjoying superhero Blu-ray Disc strength, tracking as the top format debut to date at Best Buy and other retailers.

An average of about 20% of Iron Man’s total unit sales are on Blu-ray, according to retail sources, though in some instances, its share goes as high as 50%. By comparison, the Blu-ray portion for many recent popular titles, including I Am Legend, logged about 9% of sales in the format, according to Adams Media Research.

One industry source said Iron Man Blu-ray sales range from 10% to 30% of the title’s total sales, varying by retailer. In some isolated cases, including at retailers and, Iron Man’s Blu-ray version is selling more briskly than one or more of the film’s standard DVD SKUs.

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Source: Video Business