Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2, Kick-Ass

During an interview for his new action bonanza Bangkok Dangerous, Oscar-winner and perennial strange-on-screen-hairdo connoisseur Nicolas Cage let slip about a few of his upcoming comic book films.

First up, he discussed a sequel to last year’s Columbia Pictures and Marvel release, Ghost Rider.

Cage: Yes, actually, had a nice meeting with the studio about 3-months ago, and we talked about going international with that character. Taking him into Europe, having him go on a motorcycle tour through Europe, and he’s connected with the church, if you can believe that. So it sort of has elements to it that are very much in the zeitgeist, with “The Da Vinci Code” and things like that.

Cage also discussed working with Matthew Vaughn (Stardust) on the adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic series Kick-Ass, which is about a kid who always wanted to be a superhero.

Cage: As I continue working in film I want to try to keep it as organic and honest as possible, and I am that kid. I’m the kid that would dress up like a superhero, sneak out of the house at 10 o’clock at night, jump around pretending I was fighting crime. It was a good match because it’s definitely sincere. I play a guy named Damon, the father of Mindy who is “Hit Girl” and I’m “Big Daddy,” and I’m training my daughter to be a superhero.

Source: Max Evry